3D Modeling

3D Coordination is the base component which allows for BIM to exist. 3D modeling of the site, building, and the building’s systems gives a visual representation of the project. The 3D model is used by trade professionals to coordinate the building systems thus allowing the troubleshooting of specific areas and design issues before anything gets to the field.

4D Modeling

4D Coordination produces a model with the additional factor of time. With 4D allows you the opportunity to better appreciate how the design of the project will be phased and built. Agon can then work with you to create a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of your project that will assist in taking advantage of any strengths and opportunities while avoiding or addressing some of your weaknesses and threats you may be facing.

5D Modeling

5D Coordination adds cost value to your 4D model. By introducing the concept of cost over time to your project model, you will be able to explore and anticipate future costs for your project. This model puts a complex set of data into a format which can be easily viewed, analyzed, and shared.